Winter challenge

Today I planned on capturing,Number 1 of the challenge ( Winter sunrise ). The interesting thing about this is that I had done my research the night before. I searched topics like what are the best times to capture some stunning images, What are the best settings for capturing pre dawn images etc... I went to sleep i had already set my timer

Well today was the day. And I started off wrong my timer was set for the weekday and it was Sunday. Man I missed it I though to myself, I looked out my window and saw it was still dark but the sun was rising. I rushed to head out. Now mind you here in Atlanta where I was located. It recently rained the night before.I got ready and grabbed my gear as I walked out the door it looked foggy. I looked up at the sky and it looked nothing like what I was expecting. you see I was looking for that rich pink,reddish vibrant colors as it filled the big blue horizon. Instead I was given a mucky sky, I looked at the forecast to see when these grey clouds were gonna get out my way so I can attempt to capture some sort of shot.

The clouds had different plans for me. I still continued and rode to the location but it didn't look like it was getting any better so I deviated from the intended location.And i went ahead an went location scouting for future shots. I will try again Next week.